Building a list – Going Rogue

Well I just made it through Christmas, and New Years is coming up fast. So this is normally the time to talk about goals and New Year’s resolutions. But I think I want to talk about a different concept I have for helping online marketers become successful.

For those who are new to web marketing, building a list of people to send appropriate offers to, is where the money is. So most people build a list by offering a free ebook, or video, maybe a newsletter in order to get people to join their list. However, after reading the sad stories of so many who have tried web marketing and failed, spent their money and time and have little or nothing to show for it; I believe it is time for me to do what I can to fix this.

There are 3 things most people who go into web marketing don’t understand and those things seem to guarantee failure:
1) They don’t understand the difference between a successful business and having a job. Each has an entirely different view of how the world works and, if you try to work a business like a job it is just not going to work. You will not see opportunities when they are there and you won’t see the pitfalls until after you have lost your hard earned money.
2) They don’t understand what web marketing is. It is not the internet lottery, where you put up a web site, and somehow magically money pours into your account. Web marketing at its core is using the way of communicating called the internet to connect buyers and sellers and get paid for it.
3) They don’t understand what marketing is or how to do it and the tools or courses they buy don’t explain this either; “You just do it”; “It’s obvious what to say for people to buy”.

For those with some experience, YES this is not an exhaustive list, the above items can each be expanded.

So for the people who are on my list in 2014, I will be sending them the following to try to fix this.

I will send them every 2 to 3 days a business key, a simple little 1 to 2 minute bite size read to either use as a reminder for those who already know it, or something to chew on for the next day or two for those who don’t. This I hope will avoid information overload so many experience. But I will also include what many people have called “The Secret”, well actually the “Secrets of Success”, there is no single secret of success, there are a series of keys and if you have all but one it is very hard to unlock success, so when people get what is the last key for them then they tend to say I found “The Secret”, when they really found the last key they needed to unlock success for them. The beginning of success is taking the hard honest look inside in order to grow, become a little better day by day.

Much of why people fail is because of how they see the world and what they understand about the world, change your view and you will change your life for the better. Right now I have 2 powerful ebooks that have helped millions to find success to send out, and after sending each, my follow up business keys will be related to key points in each book. How do you eat an elephant? One bite at a time, and so is the process of success.

If the battery in your car is dead then you need a jump start, and so do people trying to succeed in web marketing, so when people initially sign up for my list, I am going to give them access to a video of one of the few web marketers making 7 figures and he only has a handful of sites. In this video, he shares his system which he leaned from the 7 figure marketers who taught him.

Then to pay for all of this of course, there will be some what I hope are helpful links to offers and books that will be the resources to help you succeed.

To your success !

Larry Grenevitch

Even The Experts Have Problems

Well, as an IT professional who has written HTML, and JavaScript, and has done several WordPress sites, and for weeks people have not been able to post comments on some of my pages.

Why? Because I could not find where to allow comments. Now for those newbies that would say if a professional has problems then I obviously cannot do it, let me clearly say right now, that is the wrong view. Anyone, even the technologically challenged can learn how to use Word Press. My point is we all have things go wrong, and we all have things we do not know or don’t remember no matter how smart we are. It is just part of the process.

I Googled and did what I found yet still no ability to do comments. Then I remembered having problems with Word Press pages, and then remembered I had to turn on an option in order for the check box to be displayed.

The option is a drop down in the top right corner of the edit page. You want to check the Comment and Discussion check boxes see below picture.

WP Cannot Add Comments

Once you check the above boxes, the below option box will appear below the post entry area. And then you need to check the box Allow Comments.

WP Cannot Add Comments

What is your Why, how strong is your Why?

Well, just as I was starting to get things organized, I found out yesterday 11/20/2013 that I am going to be laid off on December 6th from my job. This was a little why I wanted to be successful in web marketing, to not have all of my income coming from just one source and now it has become a BIG WHY.

So why are you wanting to do web marketing? To make money, is an answer, but according to those who have not been born with wealth and yet have obtained it, you have to have something more a WHY. A strong why that will pull you through the hard times, the disappointments, the things that would make any normal person quit. How big is your why to succeed at web marketing?

What I can see so far, is nearly all of the stuff on internet marketing especially the $10,000 or $100,000 in just 10 days stuff just does not work.

In fact, now it is critical for me to get my email list with personal development, and useful web marketing started. I need to get you a link to the video about how the real millionaires in web market make their millions, and it is not by clicking one button on the screen, or pressing one button on the keyboard, it is by using solid business principles with the principles of making money that have been denied to the masses.

To accomplish this goal, and get real incoming coming in, I have to start setting daily goals, to get traffic to this site, and get the emails in place to help those who are seeking real success transform their lives for the better.

Failures The Building Blocks of Success

Wednesday of last week, I was driving to work. Yes, I still have a J.O.B. And I also have an hour and a half drive each way to and from work. So I was listening to some of my personal development recordings, and back to back were talks on failure. And they reminded me of the failures I have had in recent years, and my failures in web marketing and they also brought to mind several things I had learned about failure and I thought they might be an encouragement to you.

First, none of us likes to fail, because it often makes us feel bad about ourselves, like we did something wrong and are now going to be punished, or feel like we are worthless, and cannot do anything right. Sadly, for many people these feelings cause them to give up and settle for less that they can be.

However, the reality is, when I do something and fail, I am just not getting the result I wanted. I have seen so many people who at the first failure at anything say, I cannot do it and I could never do it; and they put their life into a smaller box. I have given in to this from time to time in my life, but something in me has always fought against it. If something is so easy that anyone could do it then everyone would be doing it, and there would be no accomplishment, no shouts from the fans. What would a touch down be in football, if there was no one to try to stop you?

So what does this have to do with web marketing? Just this, even with the best teacher, you may encounter “temporary defeat” aka “failure”, it is just part of the process. The key is to learn from each failure. Did I get the result I wanted, if not, why not; what did I do that did not produce the result I was expecting. If you did get some results, then how could you improve what you did to get better results.

Think about it! A person can be totally hopeless at web marketing and everything he or she does can fail, but if that person can fix just one thing a day, or a week then it is just a matter of time before success comes. Failure just tells us what we don’t know, so we can move forward to success.

In fact this works for anything, do you have other challenges in life? Are you over weight (that’s a common one), do you want a promotion at your job, more pay, better relationships? Stop taking the failures we all experience personally, and begin to use them as the stepping stones to your success that they truly are.

Rising From Failure

What do you think a person needs to succeed at web marketing? Don’t you need computer programming skills, maybe HTML, JavaScript, be able to set up web pages? Or maybe if you knew what those words and the other internet jargon meant you could succeed at making money on the internet. I can tell you from firsthand experience that is not true.

I had continuous employment in computers working everything from running network cables, and building computers, to writing code then training and supporting end users until October of 2009 when I was laid off from my job of 10 years. I spent the next 2 years 9 months trying to get a computer job. I had to move 735 miles away before I was able to get another good paying computer job again. Those 2 years and 9 months were the worst, most impossible years of my life. Can you imagine having over 25 years of experience and no one will even interview you? I have never felt so worthless and alone.

But something very good also happened during those 2 years, I got my entrepreneurial spirit back. I realized, if no one else would hire me, then I would have to hire myself. I got involved with an MLM company and had some success, but could not grow my contact base fast enough to make what I needed to live. But I learned about business and the philosophies’ that bring wealth and started reading some good books.

I bought into the internet, “it only takes 15 minutes and you can have a web site that makes $10 to $30 per day!” four months, three websites and no traffic, nor money later; I realized something was wrong.

I did learn about key words and SEO, and how hard it was to rank in Google, and the ever changing Google rules. But 5 months later I made a sale! My first web site was on page 1 of Yahoo and Bing! And I made a sale, then Christmas day came and I had 365 page views in one day and then more sales! I spent some 80 hours creating the web site and that next year I made a whole $365! I would call that better than nothing, but failure because I could not create another site like the one that was working, and I did not really know why it worked.

That is so my life, I have always failed before I succeeded. So after getting a job, and getting my financial house in order, now it is time to try web marketing again. There is a principle, seek and you will find, so I sought and found a new teacher. One whose web marketing model is in line with the principles of success I had been studying, someone who can make thousands even tens of thousands from a single web site year after year. It is time to start the trek into being in business again with web marketing.

So I would like you to join me on this trek, and I will share some of the jewels I find with you as we go.

Why am I doing this? What’s in it for me? Well there is an eternal principle of wealth which has been ignored by countless people and businesses today, which states you can only get what you give. People want to get without first giving and that never works. If you want to see how powerful giving is, click the following link to an article I wrote over 2 years ago now.